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If you would like to become a better jogger or runner, the question is how you can achieve this, what to do? The answer is simple: run, run and do some more running. Now, how can you keep up your motivation to do this? Let us see what you can do..

Last updated: September 8, 2013


The 10,000 hour rule explains it very well, what kind of principle is behind it.

The more you run, the better your body and brain will learn how to do it.

You don’t have to run every day, and it doesn’t have to be with a lot of hard workouts to become a better jogger or runner.

What you have to have though is: Consistency..

Every time you take three or more months off from running, you miss hours upon hours of opportunity to build your neural pathways that help you run efficiently, even effortlessly.

Here is the trick: Keep your training interesting and you will become a better jogger or runner

Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Getting bored running always the same path? 

Try trail running, get into the woods. Here are two very good articles on how to get started:  

    Beginner’s Guide to Trail Running
    Indoorsman’s Guide to Trail Running

2. Try out a different way of running.

Here are two, they claim to be more efficient ways of running than the traditional form.

I have not tried it out myself yet. I have looked at it though and it does seem like something that is worth trying:

    Pose method
    Chi Running

3. Train your legs in the gym.

Front squats, cleans, and dead-lifts are the ones that will do the most to help you get more power from your legs.

Here is an interesting routine that blends several of these lifts and can help boost endurance.

    Curtis P’s

4.  Have you ever heard about the barefoot running movement?

It’s not just barefoot, there are all kinds of minimalist shoes to simulate barefoot running. Check out these links:

    What are barefoot or minimalist shoes?

5. Use a gadget!

I always use my watch to keep track of my heart-rate, time, speed, distance, elevation change, and calories burned.

It gives me the feeling that I am a 100% in charge of my training and that with a single device on your wrist.

What’s more motivating than seeing your progress in cold, hard numbers?

Heart rate monitors for beginners, needed?

6. Here are some breathing exercises for runners that you can do if you are just getting bored while running: Breathing exercises

7. Read a great running book.

A book that will inspire you, a book that will remind you why you are running and why you started. Here are two suggestions:

    Born to Run (at Amazon)
    Once a Runner (at Amazon)

8. Get some new songs to listen to while you are running.

You could also find some inspirational lectures to listen to.

9. On your easy run days do some cross-training instead.

This is a good thing to do if you’re feeling burnt out, physically or mentally. Do some cycling, swimming, or any other low-impact, non-weight-bearing activity.

10. Sign up for a race.

If you have a goal for your training, then that is a good inspiration to get on the road. You do have to sign up for the race, pay for it, commit yourself like this. Mark it on your calendar and tell somebody about it.     

11. Run with a partner or a group and commit to something.

Training with a friend or a group adds an important ingredient: accountability. There are many running clubs that you could join as well.  You could even sign up for a race together.

12. Take some time off.

No, not from running, from your training. Don’t use your heart-rate watch, don’t think about pace , distance nor time. Just hit the road with an easy pace and enjoy your surroundings.

13. Study the mental game of running

Here is a book from Matt Fitzgerald that you could take a look at:

Brain Training for Running (at Amazon)

14. Be creative while you run.

Whether you’re an artist, a student, or a businessperson, it’s worth it to try brainstorming about a project during a relaxed run. Many times during my runs I come across great ideas and I start thinking about that, and before I know it the run is finished!

15. Buy a new outfit.

Look for something you really like to wear. If you want to buy something new for a race make sure you wear it at least once beforehand, to make sure it’s comfortable.

I hope with this article at Jogging For beginners you were able to get some good tips on how to become a better jogger or runner.

Do you have some more tips? Please post it in the comment section below…

References and more Information:

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